JOB TITLE: Computer Support Specialist 


Provide technical assistance to computer system users and technical support to workers in information processing departments. Answer questions or resolve problems for clients in person and remotely via telephone, chat, remote desktop, or email. Provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software for desktops and laptops, including printing, directory, and network file sharing services. Install, configure, use and support web- and application-based productivity tools including office suites, web browsers, and email clients. Resolve problems with moderate to largely complex programs with little supervision through the application of in-depth technical knowledge and knowledge of computer operational and programming techniques. Review completed projects or computer programs to ensure that goals are met and that programs are compatible with other programs already in use. Conduct needs assessment and troubleshoot issues that arise during implementation; recommend specific solutions such as installation of alternate methods and procedures, changes in processing methods and practices, or redesign of processes and workflow. Test and evaluate new technology. Review and test programs written by programmers to ensure that programs meet objectives and specifications. Modify, test, and correct existing programs; evaluate and test vendor-supplied software packages for mainframe computer or microcomputers to determine compatibility with existing system, ease of use, and if software meets user needs. Conduct software upgrades, operating system deployment, auditing, software distribution, software metering through System Center Configuration Manager (SSCM). Inactivate, individually or in combination, each component of computer system, such as central processing unit, tape drives, and mainframe coolers. Provide technical support and troubleshoot problems on local area networks and data networks. Prioritize importance of components and write recommendations for recovering losses and using backup equipment. Support Corporate Intranet and related initiatives by performing analysis and testing. Resolve difficulties and provide support for complex large-scale computer programs for major automated systems according to detailed system specifications by testing data and verifying logic. Plan and coordinate changes in office technology using a primarily Windows-based PC environment and strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Windows NT. Analyze, troubleshoot, research, and recommend technology and/or automated solutions to meet the needs of the client. Set up and manage server virtualization software and hardware virtualization on Dell PowerEdge and HPE BladeSystem. Perform general network functions, server analysis, and configuration using Windows NT Server and Workstation. Design and modify automated procedures for solutions to complex business problems through use of information services systems and programming. Resolve problems with data controls or computer applications for major automated systems which require knowledge of multiple programming languages such as JAVA, HTML, Javascript, XML, and SQL across multiple hardware platforms. Coordinate smaller ad hoc projects or maintenance projects. Evaluate client problems and systems and develop system design recommendations and detailed specifications for efficient and effective automation. Provide support with web-based applications using architectural components and technologies. Answer technical questions and resolve technical difficulties by analyzing and developing applications using Rational Rose, WebSphere Application Server, Windows-based NT and SQL Server. Perform support functions requiring knowledge of System Development Life Cycle and Structured Analysis Methods, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Process Decomposition, and Data Flow Diagrams. Resolve programming and user issues involving C++, NT, UNIX operating systems, and VMS OS.


Minimum job requirements: Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or foreign equivalent, plus two years experience with computer technical support, programming, systems design, administration or maintenance.



Please send resumes to Elaine Pascual at 11750 Wilcrest Drive, Houston, TX 77099.

Posted May 3, 2021